Konwalia Design LLC

Konwalia Design is a visual communications agency ready to meet all your marketing and design needs. Whether it be graphics, web, social media, branding or printing, we’ve got you covered. We are business-minded and will take the time to listen and learn about our customers’ business needs and use our design skills to envision what is important to you through the designs we provide. Our job is to make you look good and make you products and services shine. We are visual communicators, and our designs help you communicate your message.


Konwalia Design team has over 15 years of experience in the industry serving businesses across Long Island, NY, invaluable degrees in visual communications, graphic design, advertising and business administration. We bring not only excellent design skills, but also technical understanding, project management, and production experience in variety of industries including graphic design, advertising, direct marketing, printing, displays & signage, interior design, restaurant design, natural stone, glass industry, retail & sales, logistics. Our team has proven to work well together providing award-winning ideas and designs. We take pride in our work, we are creative, dedicated, hardworking, committed, and confident in our skills and are unstoppable until your vision comes to life and we are both happy with the results.

We are based in central Long Island, NY serving the New York metro area, as well as nationwide in the United States of America and anywhere in the world. We are fluent in English, Polish and Spanish, and specialize in bilingual designs with translations, as well as technical drawings and designs requiring conversion from European metric system, such as product spec sheets, catalogs and manuals.

We offer specially discounted rates for non-profit organizations as our way of supporting your cause and making a difference. We proudly offer military and veteran discounts as our gratitude for the brave who served to defend our freedom.

We solve communication needs like a puzzle, the pieces always fall into place and you’ll be extremely satisfied with the results.

We’re not only the communications team you need but we’re the communications team you want. We truly care about every project and we always work our hardest to deliver the best and bring your vision to life. Give us a call anytime, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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