Mission Statement

The purpose of the Greater Middle Country Chamber of Commerce is to help businesses prosper in the Centereach, Selden, Lake Grove and surrounding areas by supporting the business and civic interests of the Chamber members and the residents of the surrounding community. Our objective is to serve as a highly visible, quality membership organization that promotes the Greater Middle Country Business Community.

Constable Alvin Smith in a 1930 Ford Police Car, Centereach - 1931

We, as an organization, pledge to:

  • Serve as the business voice on legislative proposals, regulatory issues, and public policies
  • Serve as a leadership source for the business community
  • Provide effective, action-oriented support for membership
  • Promote business between Chamber members
  • Advance economic prosperity for the region
  • Act as an agent for influencing economic development
  • Provide programs for Chamber members in which they can meet, and learn how to improve their business
  • Sponsor round table discussions
  • Act as a training and education source
  • Inform Chamber members of critical issues and maximize their involvement in Chamber sponsored activities
  • Communicate information and news
  • Serve as a network for members for receiving and conveying up-to-date bulletins, and immediate action issues
  • Welcome and encourage member participation, feedback, and input
  • Identify opportunities for Chamber members to help improve the quality of life in the Centereach area, and encourage corporate responsibility
  • Sponsor and host social and networking events, fundraisers, and other activities that promote the arts, education, the community and social advancement