Emics Elder Care


Family First

The founders of Emics Elder Care are passionate about helping people to create simple more predictable solutions to complex problems. As Medicaid specialists, business advisors and entrepreneurs, we have over 50 years of combined experience in helping people achieve their goals.

Each experience has been rewarding in itself, but the most rewarding of all has been helping people and their families navigate what can be otherwise very difficult programs to understand.

We’ve seen how quickly things can change for the people we love, and the stress and uncertainty that can extend throughout the entire family.

When Mom or Dad begins to need custodial care or skilled nursing care, the family is immediately confronted with unanticipated expenses, emotional distress, and confusion. We help to lift the burden of filing for Medicaid off of your shoulders, so you can better focus on the things that matter most. After weeks of stress, planning, and coordination, we are always so excited when we get to call a client and say, “You’re Approved!”

Our Mission

Medicaid Planner In New York

Our main purpose is to help you properly prepare and get the support you need. Our core mission to spread awareness about Medicaid, provide Medicaid help, and to help people understand that they have earned and are entitled to these benefits as we obtain Medicaid approval. We gather all the necessary information, advise you on strategies for purposes of planning, and use our expertise to help to create a more predictable and favorable outcome.

Our mission is to guide you through every step of the Medicaid process. Beyond planning and filing, we are your advocates. We first help you arrange your elder’s finances, so they can both preserve their legacy and secure Medicaid. Then, we assist you with finding the best long-term custodial care agency or skilled nursing home care facility for your elder. We bridge the gap between Eldercare attorneys and Medicaid Specialists through our professionalism, advocacy, and knowledge of New York long-term care options.

We believe in the importance of our New York communities. Once you and your family achieve the clarity and comfort you seek, we all succeed. Together, we can see our elders cared for with dignity and ensure they get the best care during their golden years.

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