March 20th Middle Country Chamber General Meeting

Meeting will be held at the Middle Country Public Library in Centereach at 12:00 Noon.

Guest Speakers: Vince Lancella, founder Speak Freely & Michael Watt, Reclaim New York.  


Vince Lancella founded Speak Freely in 2011 after having built and worked at several businesses.  The knowledge that he now shares during his presentations and workshops is a combination of his acuity for sales and customer service coupled with his genuine interest in helping others. 

Whether you are interested in speaking before a group, growing your customer base, being able to network more effectively, close more sales, or all of the above, Vince is “the guy” to teach you the skills you seek. He is an award-winning speaker and successful business owner. 

His personal courses will help you build self confidence, give you a plan for speaking at your daughter’s wedding, your friend’s retirement, or in front of your club or organization.

The seminars and workshops for businesses or entrepreneurs are customized to combine every day tips for any industry with specific techniques that are relevant to your particular business.  Learn how to confidently speak in the board room, or make the one-to-one connection needed to turn a prospect into a customer.


Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, 501c3 non-profit organization that educates New Yorkers on issues like affordability, transparency, and education. Through civic trainings, we empower citizens to engage their state and local government. Most importantly, we’re a group of New Yorkers that believes deeply in helping each citizen reclaim ownership in their relationship with government. The New York Transparency Project was born out of the belief in citizen-driven oversight. We can’t rely on public officials in Albany to solve New York’s corruption problem. We need the understanding, tools, and plan to fight corruption with transparency in every school district, village, town, city, and county across the state. Mr. Watt will speak specifically about the Middle Country School District.

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